TECH TALK: Here we go with bite of Apple’s iPhone 6

Speculative image og the iPhone 6
Speculative image og the iPhone 6
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Apple are not the only ones with a big announcement today, as they look set to confirm their new iPhone 6 - here we go with Tech Talk, writes Graham Walker.

We will be looking at the latest and forthcoming mobiles, tablets, laptops, games, controllers, cameras, video and audio recorders, projectors, laptops, desktop computers...all the next big stuff.

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Tech Talk is headed by our award-winning Digital Editor and gadget nut Graham Walker, O2 New Media Journalist of the Year for Yorkshire and Humber.

His team includes games expert Alex Evans and Group Photographic Manager Marisa Cashill, a self-confessed camera geek who loves her phone more than any other possession.

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Like many of us, Marisa will be glued to today’s big Apple announcement- details of the iPhone 6 and, we think, the iWatch.

It’s understood the iPhone wil get its biggest makeover since the death of Apple’s innovative co-founder, Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook, who took over as CEO, is expected to reveal it will come in two sizes, a 4.7 inch and a huge 5.5 inch screen version, maximum storage 128GB, super-fast WiFi chip, vastly improved camera, contactless payment system and IOS update.

Watch live on the iTunes app, 6pm UK time.

Will you get the iPhone 6? What do you think of Tech Talk? What would you like to see? Let us know, details below.


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