Tech Talk: Apple Watch and Moto 360 do battle in new smart watch fight

Watch this space. New Apple Watch coming soon.
Watch this space. New Apple Watch coming soon.
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The battle for your pockets may have been raging for years, but another technological war is set to begin - the fight for our wrists.

Wearable tech - that is, gadgets and gizmos we strap to our bodies - is set to be the next big thing. Or at least, that’s what the technology giants are hoping, writes Alex Evans.

After years of rumours, Apple finally unveiled its long-awaited Apple Watch recently.

Set to go on sale early next year for about £220 a pop, the watch will come in three flavours, which basically boil down to ‘sport/fitness’, ‘regular’ and ‘large’.

All three are veritable Swiss army knives, promising multiple ways to interact not only with an iPhone or iPad but your body and the world at large.

The watch will monitor health and fitness, track the wearer’s movement and heart rate and then feed the information back into iOS 8’s new Health app.

Instead of asking users to fiddle with the touchscreen, the watch packs a dial which can be twisted to zoom in and out, which doubles up as the home button.

The screen can tell the difference between a tap and a touch, and vibrates on your wrist to give notifications.

But Apple is not leading the way this time - the Apple Watch is just the latest in a long line of wearable tech.

Arguably the best smart watch currently available - the Moto 360 - is also the most stylish.

Based on Android’s smart watch operating system, Android Wear, the 360 is the only smart watch to boast a round screen, like a real watch, and is shaped from metal links like a real timepiece that a real person might actually wear.

Paired with a smartphone, the watch displays messages, emails, weather and sat-nav directions, as well as Google Now notifications such as the latest football scores or traffic updates, and can also be customised.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear uses the same operating system and works in the same way, but opts for a square display like the Apple Watch - it was released more than a year ago, and is already available with many Galaxy mobiles. It too offers a range of health apps and a heart rate tracker.

Whether the time has come for smart watches remains to be seen, but tech giants are betting big that you’ll wear a clock-come-smart device before long.