TECH TALK: App Of The Week - Sketch with Skype

Skype app now allows users to sketch on photos
Skype app now allows users to sketch on photos
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Judging by the new feature Skype has just unveiled, it wants to steal some of Snapchat app’s arty audience - users can now send digital drawings via the function chat.

Use the digital paintbrush and palette on a blank canvas, or add creative touches Snapchat-style to a photo or map to share with friends.

Right now the feature is only available for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, but chances are this is a trial and other operating systems will soon get Skype sketching abilities.

At which point you can go right ahead and start adding moustaches and evil eyebrows to all your friends’ faces.

Drawing on Skype is easy, as Skype explains it. Once you’re in a chat, select the ‘+’ icon and then select drawing to start sketching.

Skype has also added HD screen support.