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Nine months ago this column called for cars to be banned from Sheffield roads.

Not everyone, it’s fair to say, concurred. One particularly forthright correspondent suggested anyone holding such views deserved to have the back wheel of their bike given a light love tap by the front bumper of an articulated lorry.

And fair play: just possibly, there was an element of tongue in cheek about the proposal in the first place.

But wouldn’t it – in all seriousness – be terrific if a new campaign calling for a single non-vehicle day in the city came to fruition?

See this? Dozens of people have signed a petition asking for September 22 to be made a car-free date, as reported in The Star. Emergency services would obviously get a pass.

And why not? Surely one date when we’re all encouraged to walk, cycle or take public transport within the inner ring road would have huge benefits for our health, the environment and, just maybe, in encouraging a few more of us to occasionally leave the smog vomiter at home more often? If that means inconveniencing a few people for a few hours, isn’t it a price worth paying?


And regular readers may also remember that 2014 marks the 90th anniversary of the Barnsley Photographic Society.

This page previously toasted the landmark date by featuring stunning pictures taken by members down the decades. Now there’s the chance to see the originals – and plenty more – at an exhibition.

Dozens of photos will be displayed from today until the end of the month at The Cooper Gallery, in Church Street.