Take Two with Colion Drury

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Let’s start the first week of the new year with a compliment, shall we? Or perhaps not.

Reader Stan Brookes gets in touch following the page’s feature on new year resolutions to ask: “Could all journalists like yourself promise in 2014 to stop using the word ‘iconic’ in almost every other sentence?”

It’s a deal. From now on, The Diary is an iconic-free zone.


Choosing a name for a baby, eh? It’s almost as agonising as having the sprog in the first place, expert Siobhan Thomas told The Star on Thursday.

She offered readers advice on the perils and pitfalls of the whole process. And key among her tips for soon-to-be-parents was to consider what other people might think, and the connotations which might come with a particular name.

Which is something an ex-colleague of this writer’s better half clearly wasn’t concerned with.

Workmates fell into a momentarily stunned silence when, shortly after giving birth, the new mum introduced them to, er, Lolita.


Still, not quite as bad as a friend who, after weeks of fruitless and increasingly frustrated discussions with his wife, came up with one suggestion preceded by the clause: “Now, if you don’t let the undertones cloud your judgement, I think this is actually a lovely name...”

Needless to say, she vetoed ‘Adolf’ (and probably thought about divorce).

call of the wild

Yorkshire Ambulance Service reveals it received more than a million calls on New Year’s Eve.

Makes you depressed to be British, doesn’t it?