Take Two with Colin Drury

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Now how’s this for bad luck?

David Jackson, the snooker loopy Aussie in today’s main Diary piece, has had the same seat at The Crucible for most of his 20 years. When the venue is split for two simultaneous games in the early rounds he always overlooks table two.

Unfortunately, the majority of 147 breaks – that super-rare achievement when a player scores maximum points – have occurred on table one. Only two such breaks have been completed at his side of the venue.

“And for one of those – by Ronnie O’Sullivan, there’d been a mix up with my seats,” he recalls. “So I was watching the other table that day.”


Ah, May Day – a date when, traditionally, workers of the world unite to protest against the evils of capitalism.

But did you know exactly 225 years ago this weekend something called The Sheffield Revolution Club met for the first time?

The society – a co-operative which looked after members when sick – formed on May 4, 1789, at the Crown and Cushion pub in Sycamore Street (no longer there). The 200-strong group thrived for more than a century but numbers dropped as the traditionally working class club came to be dominated by the professional classes. It was wound up in 1892.


What about Chris Marley, though?

That’s the Upperthorpe circus performer who, as revealed in The Star, has just broken the world record for axe juggling catches.

What an achievement – give him a hand.

Let’s just hope he never makes a mistake, otherwise someone will have to, well, give him a hand.