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Congratulations are in order for little Alex Horne – and that’s no jest.

The 11-year-old took part in the final of a national joke-telling competition at Parliament last week, as reported in this newspaper.

Comedian Lee Mack sat on the judging panel, although why he was needed is anyone’s guess. After all, aren’t there already plenty of jokers in Westminster?


And talking of things you have to laugh at. Sheffield City Council...

Sheffield Pride leader Adam Hood has slammed the authority for turning the day when equal marriage becomes law into a cheap PR event, as revealed in The Star.

Could not agree more.

Adam reckons council chiefs are using the occasion to publicise themselves by pushing to be the first UK city to have a same sex wedding. At one point there was talk of trying to find three couples to tie the knot at Town Hall on midnight the day legislation takes effect on March 29.

Why? What for? Because of?

Sheffield is known for being a friendly city with tolerant people, and there’s no need for bizarre stunts to prove it to the world, is there?

Why turn a couple’s special day – supposedly a celebration of love, commitment and a life together – into a lame council-approved civic advert?


A reader – calling himself only John – gets in touch after this page asked for photos of the worst haircut readers had ever had.

“I don’t have a picture of it,” he emails. “But, when I was daft and in my twenties, I had it a bit like yours.”