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conceptual confusion

Not everyone’s a fan of Forced Entertainment, as it goes.

Their experimental, often confrontational, style can grate with some. Like a colleague of this column for example.

He remembers attending a show at The Crucible several years ago in which the cast spent much of the time challenging the audience as to why they were there watching them.

One particular line, our man recalls, was: “why don’t you lot just f*** off home?”

To this day, he says, he regrets not getting up and doing just that.

Clearly not a fan of conceptual art.

carrying the torch

The Commonwealth Games baton relay is to come through Sheffield, then?

The flame will arrive here ahead of the Glasgow games in July, as reported in this newspaper on Friday.

Tremendous news.

But let’s just hope that, as with the Olympic version in 2012, there’s a team of hefty bodyguards to drag away any 80-year-old woman who has the audacity to try and touch the baton.

communication matter

And meanwhile, on Twitter, Barnsley actor Shaun Dooley - who starred in Coronation Street, Misfits and Red Riding - ponders: “Isn’t it amazing how we converse via twitter with complete strangers yet avoid eye contact with someone stood next to us on public transport.”



The Tramlines lineup has been announced today, then? And it looks terrific has always. Got to say, though, that it doesn’t matter what bands are booked, the highlight for this writer is always the same: going to a festival knowing you can go back to your own bed. Heaven.