Take Two with Colin Drury

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Some of those cheeses at Homage2Fromage, though? Blimey. The smell.

Reminded this writer of an incident at an old workplace where, after a morning of needing a gas mask every time you went in the kitchen, one staffer detected the pong was coming from the fridge and volunteered the young work experience lad to give it a long-overdue clean.

Said youngster duly found the offending item - a bag containing something which had clearly gone off - stuck it in a bin liner and took it down to the skip. And we all lived happily ever after.

Until about 2pm, that is, when the entertainment correspondent arrived back in the office and couldn’t understand where her lunch had disappeared to. It was, it seems, her cheese sandwich in that bag.

Safe to say when she realised what had happened the rest of the team did what any reasonable adults would: blamed it all on the work ex kid.


Spotted at The Moor Market, a florists sign: “Valentine’s Day now February 14th.”

When was it previously?


UKIP is “growing daily” in South Yorkshire, two party members told The Star.

Hmm, given last week it was revealed their 2010 manifesto included plans to make taxi drivers wear uniform and paint trains traditional colours, one can only assume they mean growing more ridiculous daily.


And, meanwhile, on Twitter, Sheffield comic Glenn Moor is feeling blue: “It’s a shame,” he rues, “nothing will ever be as exciting as finding out your teacher’s first name.”