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All of Sheffield remains abuzz with news The New York Times listed the city as one of 52 must-visit destinations for 2014.

The American paper’s recommendation has made headlines everywhere.

Strange in a way: when The Star recently had a feature advocating Sheffielders visit New York it didn’t generate a single drop of media interest in the US.


So, Sheffield Council has spent £4.7 million on consultants while services – including libraries, leisure centres and a little stadium in Attercliffe – are being slashed?

The mammoth figure was revealed by this paper, and unsurprisingly plenty of people aren’t happy about it.

But what’s surely even more infuriating is that when it comes to defending the controversial figure the democratically elected leader of our council, Julie Dore, is nowhere to be found. Instead she sends out chief executive John Mothersole to offer a statement of excuses.

Pathetic. Julie Dore has been the leader of the council for nearly three years now. Isn’t it time her party told her to start acting like it?


And talking of budget cuts, Fright Night has been cancelled.

The UK’s biggest Halloween party won’t go ahead after the council slashed funding by 40 per cent.

That means no vampires, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls stalking Sheffield. Still, if you’re looking for something truly scary, try thinking about a local authority which doesn’t see the economic and cultural value of an event which brings 40,000 people into the city centre on a Sunday in October?