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Here’s a question: could the two national awards which the new Moor Market is up for be any more pointless?

See this? Shoppers, as reported in The Star, are being urged to vote the complex the best in the country in both the BBC Food and Farming Awards and the Market Authorities annual Market Of The Year contest.

What a charade.

How many people who vote in such things will actually have been to more than a handful of markets? Won’t most simply tick their local establishment? And doesn’t that make both awards an absurd act of self-serving, self-aggrandising nonsense?

If you like the Moor Market surely the only meaningful way of voting for it is with your feet. By shopping there.


The panto’s going ahead - and it’s all thanks to The Diary. Oh, yes it is.

Wales Methodist Panto Players stage the second weekend of their annual show at Sheffield’s Montgomery Theatre this week. But it might never have happened if The Diary hadn’t, to use a relevant phrase, got behind it.

The group feared they would have to cancel for the first time since World War Two after thousands of pounds worth of costumes were lost when a store room roof collapsed. Heavy rain caused the disaster in June.

But the show is on.

The group received more than £3,500 for replacements after this page ran an appeal. And there are still tickets left so go along and give them some support.

Takes place Friday (7.15pm) and Saturday (2pm and 6.30pm) at the Montgomery Theatre, Surrey Street. Tickets available from Jayne Lemm on 01909 809757.