Take Two with Colin Drury

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Lots of reader reaction to this page’s feature on the Sheffield’s School Of Art last week.

But one email in particular stands out. Ronald Butterfield gets in touch to say his father was actually in the Arundel Street complex the night it was struck by a German bomb during the blitz of December 1940.

“He and his fellow students had to take refuge in the cellars,” he says.


And talking of students, what about the masked mob who occupied the Arts Tower as reported in The Star yesterday?

The group – calling themselves Sheffield Strikes Back – took over the building’s main lecture theatre in support of staff holding a one-day strike.

The sit-in lasted all day. Which just proves the youngsters must care about their cause. Because, let’s be frank, it’s only the most pressing of engagements – end-of-term daytime drink offers and the occasional exam – which can drag most students away from the early afternoon episode of Neighbours.


It’s brave man who’d say Burngreave grandad-of-three Lloyd Stewart doesn’t deserve his double world title.

The 64-year-old bodybuilder has been named both the Drug Free Athletes Coalition’s top natural bodybuilder and the Natural Body Building International Union champion, as reported in The Star.

Hardly surprising when you see the sheer size of the bloke.

And he’ll certainly have helped settle one long-term playground argument. For when his offspring come out with the usual schoolboy boast that ‘my grandad’s bigger than yours’, there’ll be no denying that.