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Do Your Best? It seems this writer must do better than that.

An article about South Yorkshire Scouts in last week’s newspaper started with the group’s famous motto: ‘dib dib dib dob dob dob’. But, as one troop leader gets in touch to point out, we spelt it wrong.

The saying is actually an acronym for: “do your best, do your best, do our best, do our best”.

So, says our communicative, it should have been “dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob”.

We’ll, er, be prepared for that potential pitfall in future.


And another reader emails in to take us to task about apparent impartiality.

David Allen reckons this column didn’t play it fair with Sheffield City Council and the new Moor Market last week.

“Over the months you regularly and savagely berate the council and councillors when there are problems, giving no quarter in your righteous critique,” he says. “Yet when you make positive comments about the new market, you say it is ‘a credit to the city.’ No mention of the crucial part played by the council. Give credit where it’s due.”

He is, of course, absolutely right. Whatever your views on whether the market should have moved or not, the new building is surely a triumph for all responsible.


This reader is less annoyed than Mr Allen but he’s somewhat confused – after looking online for hotels in Sheffield.

Dave Dunn notes the website of the Novotel, in Arundel Gate, claims the stop-over is in an excellent location just “seven kilometres from Sheffield Airport”.

An impressive boast. Or at least it would be if Sheffield Airport hadn’t shut more than a decade ago.


And a final reader, Jemma Hepson, gets in touch after this newspaper published pictures of people gathering in Page Hall on Tuesday evening.

“If only Sheffield city centre had that much life on a weekday night,” she notes.