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Pedant’s Corner...

An email arrives from reader (and vice-chairman of the Hallamshire Historic Building Society) Howard Greaves: “I don’t wish to be a pedant,” he says, “but I must take you to task about your spelling of Hambleden House.”

This column referred to the 1927 building in Exchange Place as Hambleton House on Monday.

“The building,” notes Howard, “was named after the head of WH Smith, the Second Viscount Hambleden so Hambleden House is correct. That could win you a prize in a pub quiz.”

Well...yes and no.

In fact the spelling was, it seems, corrupted some time after the council took over the building in the 1960s and is now ‘officially’ Hambleton.

A case of the fluid nature of the English language at work? Or just a council official who got their letters mixed up?


The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire are to have paintings of their own DNA displayed on the walls at Chatsworth House, then?

Interesting. Is that the aristocratic equivalent, one wonders, of footballers like Nani having marble statues of themselves installed in their homes?


And talking footballers, good luck to those doing the Carlton Palmer 10k Charity Run this Sunday.

The event – announced in The Diary in September – will raise £5,000 for Cavendish Cancer Care, with about 150 participants signed up.

There’s still time to get involved too. And, since it ends with a raffle at The Rising Sun, in Abbey Lane, there’s a chance the big ex-Wednesday midfielder himself might even get the drinks in if you beat him. n www.cavcare.org.uk