Take Two with Colin Drury

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what’s in a name?

No-one incidentally ever knows how to say Shaun’s last name, he reckons.

“I’ve heard it pronounced so many ways I can’t tell you,” he notes when The Diary gets it wrong.

So how do you say it? “Doane,” he answers. “Like phone.”


The historic Hambleton House opened to the public this weekend for the first time since 1966, then?

The landmark building - opened in 1927 as a W H Smith wholesaler - has stood derelict since 2009. But after Yorkshire Artspace turned it into 60 studios, the building welcomed visitors on Saturday.

Safe to say it was a success. And who can blame people for going along?

Its views of Sheffield are absolutely stunning. And that panorama perhaps explains why the top floor cafe - located there in 1950s - was such a hit with young men trying to impress girls they were courting.


And talking of courting, here’s an unusual notice appearing in The Star’s friends and family announcements.

A chap called Richard writes: “Andrea, I’d really like to know how your adventure in the Highlands went after we met at Applecross.”

Intriguing. It seems Richard (he’s from London and in his 60s) met Andrea (she’s from Sheffield and “er, younger” he says) when they were the only people at a Scottish campsite.

They got talking but he left before they could swap numbers, emails or even last names. Now he’s wants to track her down.

“She had such spirit,” he tells The Diary. “I’d love to find her and ask how her adventure went.”