Take Two with Colin Drury

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Horror films, hey?

Celluloid Screams sounds terrific if you’re into big-screen shivers but this column’s not a huge fan of the genre. If you get your kicks getting scared try a Friday night out on West Street. Truly terrifying.

Still, talking to Rob Nevitt for today’s main Diary piece did bring to my mind the old saying that one should never underestimate the power of film to frighten.

Just ask my old man.

Many years ago as the family sat watching Jaws on TV together, he turned from the box during what seemed like a quiet scene to say Spielberg’s Great White was about as scary as a tin of tuna.

It was at that moment, with a sudden crash and a bang of drums, the on-screen shark attacked. The old man jumped so much his cup of tea ended up all over him.


And talking of Eighties movies...

“Karate kids a boost for the city,” ran a recent headline in this newspaper.

The article was about a prestigious martial arts tournament being held in Sheffield.

“A pity,” a colleague mused as he scanned the page. “I thought it might mean a load of cars were being waxed and fences painted.”


Meanwhile, 90 years ago today in 1923, a Mr and Mrs Jones, of Douglas Road, Parkwood Springs, were making headlines.

Their six children had all attended Neepsend Council School without ever taking a day off. Added together their school life totalled an astonishing 54 years without one single sickie.

Truly, that was an age when even little boys and little girls were real men.