Take Two with Colin Drury

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Nice to see Sheffield being recognised on a new map of the...London Underground.

Familiar station names on a special version of the iconic tube chart have been replaced by footballing legends – and, er, Pavel Srnicek.

The new map has been created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of both the Underground itself (engineered by Sheffielder John Fowler, as it goes) and the Football Association.

It features more than 100 footballers including Owls stars Trevor Francis, Chris Waddle and Des Walker and Blades legends Arthur Wharton, Ernest ‘Nudger’ Needham and Phil Jagielka.

There’s no Carlton Palmer.

small beer

There’s also a mention for Wednesday old boy England international left-back Ernie Blenkinsop. You don’t get players with proper names like that any more or transfers like the one he was involved in when he moved from hometown Cudworth to Hull City in 1921.

The fee was £100 and a barrel of beer .


And talking of football, Take Two spies have been reporting back one of Howard Webb’s favourite anecdotes.

Apparently, the World Cup final referee from Rotherham admits to once being unsighted for a tackle made by Steven Gerrard.

He wasn’t sure if it was a free kick or not.

That was until the Liverpool player came across and said that, while he knew he’d gone in two-footed, he had won the ball.

Two-footed tackle generally equals a red card. So our Howard sent him off.