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The Lion And MY Accent

Not everyone Matt Black met during his two years as Derbyshire’s Poet Laureate made it into his poems, incidentally.

But that didn’t mean they didn’t have great tales to tell.

Like, for example, the chap who moved to America and, while there, recited the poem The Lion And Albert by Marriott Edgar to himself every single day for 30 years.


“Because he said he wanted to make sure he didn’t lose his Derbyshire accent,” explains Matt.


Well, that’s reassuring for parents, isn’t it?

A Sheffield school principal who has taken charge of a second school in Lincolnshire says standards won’t suffer .


Mike Westerdale, head at Parkwood Academy in Shirecliffe, reckons he has a good enough team to oversee strategic direction at both centres.

But how happy can parents be knowing their children’s top teacher is dividing his attention and his efforts between two places.

All this at a time when Parkwood’s GCSE pass rate is falling.

Call this column old fashioned but a principal should surely only be in charge of one school.

Heads You Lose

Having said that, one imagines there are plenty of us who, as pupils, would have only been too happy to have an oft-absent head.


So Howard Webb, who got caught speeding, tells The Star “it could happen to anyone”?

Not, strictly, true.

You have to be irresponsible enough to be breaking the limit in the first place, Howard.