take two: Steel yourself to chuckle

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And talking of global cities beginning with B, which we were in today’s main Diary piece, here’s a quirky fact: did you know there’s a place in India called Bokaro Steel City?

Shouldn’t we be twinned with them?

There’s also a city in Turkey called Batman.

Well... it made this writer chuckle anyway.

Raise your sights, crook

What about that thug who used a knife to demand a free takeaway meal, then?

Robert Bryan threatened staff at Sicily Pizza in Broad Street, Rotherham, with the blade, as reported in The Star.

Now crime’s no laughing matter, of course, but one can’t help feel this particular Keystone crook might have had slightly higher ambitions. Let’s be frank, if you’re going to risk eight months inside just to get a knock-off dinner, you should surely treat yourself to somewhere a bit posh.

Bryan, of Hollybush Street, Parkgate, would have been better scrubbing himself up and attempting to hold up somewhere he could have at least got a sit-down steak.

How much?!?

And talking of robbery, this writer found himself paying £4.50 for a pint in Sheffield city centre this week.

Four. Pound. Fifty. And David Cameron has the audacity to say there’s no cost of living crisis.

The Common Room in Devonshire Street was the offending place. Pubs like the Sheffield Tap, in Sheaf Street, and The Fat Cat, in Alma Street, of course have long done the occasional specialist ale for top-dollar.

But it makes one wonder: is there anywhere in South Yorkshire which has already broke the £5 barrier for a standard pint? And how long before that becomes the norm rather than the eye-watering exception?