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A second look at Sheffield by diarist Colin Drury - including a tailor and snooker query


Now, we knew Colin Starsmore was good - that’s why he appeared on this page last week - but we didn’t realise they knew that down in Devon. Turns out they do.

Colin, you may remember, is the Darnall tailor who brings a touch of Savile Row to Station Road. He’s now set to hang up his needle after 50 years in which his customers have included everyone from Richard Hawley and Tony Christie to Wilf Smith and David Ford.

And another group of clients have been the Hart family.

“We originate from Hull but have lived in Exeter since 1985,” emails Steve Hart, after seeing our article. “In 2001 my late wife Liz wanted a black suit to go to a wedding in Harrogate. Finding a bespoke tailor in Exeter proved fruitless.

“We had family in Sheffield who recommended Colin. Now, obviously living in Exeter, that meant lots of travelling for fittings but Liz was very particular about what she wanted. And the final product was stunning. She came close to upstaging the bridesmaid.

“With that in mind, my son James and I went to Colin in 2012 for our suits for James’s wedding - and, again, what a fantastic job he did. He certainly deserves a happy retirement but the fashion industry in Sheffield is losing a gem.”


And another reader gets in touch following our feature on David Jackson.

This is the Australian who has been coming from Sydney to Sheffield since 1996 to watch every day of the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible.

But Bernard Kangley has a query - and wonders if Diary readers can help.

“A few seats to Mr Jackson’s right sits another gentleman who I have noticed over several years,” he emails. “He always wears the same blue and white football shirt, for the final session. I have been trying for years, when watching on TV, to identify the badge but never been able to.

“I wonder whether you or any readers could possibly help?”

Emails to the usual address?