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Strange what readers react to.

Who knew you lot would be quite so intrigued by Tuesday’s Diary feature on Sheffield’s naturist community? Perhaps we’re all exhibitionists underneath our, er, clothes.

Martin Webb gets in touch to express disappointment the article didn’t include the line: “the number of members is growing”. A missed opportunity, for sure.

Angela Cotterill, meanwhile, reckons naked swimmers need to “watch out for goggle wearers”. But perhaps the harshest comment comes from Suzanne Rutter who, responding to this writer posing naked in the pool, notes: “thank God you were in the deep end.”


So, Yorkshire is the third best region in the world.

Travel guide Lonely Planet rated it so behind Sikkim in India and the Kimberley in Australia.

Just one question: what could those two places possibly have that God’s Own County doesn’t?


Raise a glass to Raymond Unwin, of Rotherham, this weekend.

Who’s he? Only the South Yorkshire lad who designed Britain’s first ‘utopian town’ Letchworth Garden City.

Unwin - born 150 years ago on Saturday - laid out the new city as an alternative to the industrial city. He and partner Barry Parker combined the best of urban and rural living by filling it with gardens, parks and good housing for all.

Unwin passed away in 1904. But he remains one of the few Brits who can claim to have designed an entire city.

An impressive legacy. And certainly more impressive than the bloke who designed Milton Keynes.