Take Two: Sign Of Past Times

The Diary with Colin Drury
The Diary with Colin Drury
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Regular Star correspondent Paul Kenny – a lovable old rogue who could start an argument in an empty room if his letters are anything to go by – emails in following a story about old road signs causing confusion.

“It would appear there is a department within the city council responsible for erecting new signs, but it has no counterpart with responsibilty for removing old ones,” he informs us. “I have no problem with this. My journeys around the city are brightened up by spotting signs that point to places that no longer exist (sad I know).”

Some of his favourites, he notes, are for Winter Street Hospital, Parkwood College and St Vincent’s School – all long consigned to history.

“I have considered applying to the Arts Council for a grant to photograph these redundant signs,” our man continues. “Do you think, if I were successful, Colin Drury would feature me in his Diary?”

Absolutely, Paul. It may even make a double page spread. But only if you spare us your letters for a week or two.


On a similar note, it’s not just old signs that cause confusion, is it? It’s new ones too.

There seem to be so much road furniture barking instructions it’s surprising more accidents aren’t caused simply by people trying to understand them. Such clutter is apparently being removed as part of the current Streets Ahead scheme. Not a moment too soon.


An interesting anniversary on Saturday: 160 years since elections for the first Sheffield Town Council were announced. One wonders who botched city planning beforehand.