Take Two: RIP DVS

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And on the tram back from Meadowhall for today’s main Diary feature we pass the now half-demolished Don Valley Stadium. Civic vandalism at its absolute worst.


It’s not the only thing to disappear in the city over the last few years, of course.

The airport, the internationally-renowned snow village and plans for a £600 million retail quarter have all gone for a burton since 2008.

Half of me wonders if future historians looking back will decide that this may just have been the period when Sheffield finally gave up its claims to being one of England’s great cities.


Probably not, though: the same period has also included a new market, the continued expansions of the universities and the establishment of Kelham Island as a globally-recognised beer capital – not to mention the opening of a second Devonshire Chippy in Ecclesall Road.

Those historians will probably just see it as the city, as ever, in flux.


John Lewis promises to be worth a visit next month.

The Barker’s Pool department store is hosting an exhibition of photos taken by patients at The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield.

Regular Diary readers may remember that this exhibition – which includes bright and bold snaps captured by more than 30 youngsters – ran at the hospital itself in late 2012.

Now, this will be the first time the images, collectively called Look Again, have gone on public display.

It runs from February 6. Definitely something to pop in for.