Take Two: Noel snaps Nicki

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Now, how’s this for an anecdote? Noel Gallagher getting out his phone and asking to have his picture taken with you?

It happened to Ecclesfield lass - and former Diary star - Nicki Donohoe.

The 38-year-old, who appeared as a contestant on ITV1 dating show Take Me Out two years ago, was working as a stylist at a Paul Weller gig when she got talking with the Oasis legend.

“He said he thought he recognised me from somewhere,” says Nicki. “I was saying ‘I don’t think so’. Then he suddenly says: ‘Yes! You’re from Take Me Out. You were my wife’s favourite. Can I get a picture?’ I was gob-smacked. I couldn’t believe Noel Gallagher would watch Take Me Out? Having your hero ask for your photo is the most surreal thing ever.”


Sometimes someone says something of such common sense you wonder why it even needed to be said at all.

Step forward, Gavin Murray, manager of MacDonald’s in High Street.

He reckons Sheffield shops need to extend opening times to take advantage of after-work footfall. You know, like Leeds does.

“Every time I stick my head out the door at 5pm there are loads of people around,” he told The Star. “But shops seem to be falling over themselves to close at 5pm.”

Sad but true.

This column said when the Moor Market opened that, unless it extended opening hours, potential customers - who can shop online anytime - simply wouldn’t use it. And disappointing trading figures are already proving that.

The internet is open 24 hours a day. If our city centre want to compete, shops must surely stretch beyond the traditional nine while five.