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And talking of Malta, which we were in today’s second piece, this writer recently spent some time on the island.

There, one of the country’s most famous chefs – George Borg who appears on local TV – spoke of his own love for the Steel City. Turns out he’d spent three weeks on a food course, run by Sheffield University, some years ago.

His most abiding memory was taking a taxi one day back to his accommodation.

“I got talking to the driver about how I had nothing to do that afternoon,” he recalls. “And he said he’d drive me round to see the sights.”

They spent a couple of hours going everywhere from the Cathedral to the Town Hall, before the driver finally pulled up in front of George’s destination.

“And all he charged me was the fare for what the original journey would have been,” he says. “Sheffield people are very friendly.”


Nick Clegg has demanded a “full explanation of this farcical situation” after Sheffield Half Marathon had to be cancelled on Sunday.

The Sheffield Hallam MP is angry organisers – hard-working volunteers, one should stress – promised something which, on this occasion, fell through.

You’d think the deputy Prime Minister might be more understanding. After all he’s not always delivered his own promises, has he? Tuition fees, anyone?

talk not for faint-hearted

An interestingly titled talk held by the Hallamshire Historic Building Society at Quaker Meeting House in St James Street last night.

Pox, Pus and Privies. Not, one imagines, for the squeamish.