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Cryonics, hey? The process of freezing your body upon death in the hope you may one day be brought back to life sounds like something from a sci-fi film. But, as The Star revealed last week, the headquarters of a UK volunteer group aiming to make it reality are based right here in Sheffield. In Meadowhead, to be exact.

Which certainly raises some big questions. Is death really inevitable? May immortality be possible? If a body is resurrected does it necessarily follow that the soul is as well.

But Diary reader Phil Parker has is own particular worry: “If I sign up to be frozen and they wake me up in 100 years time, how am I going to get home?” he ponders. “My bus pass runs out in 2017.”


Schoolgirl Frankie Farrar has made a stir in the world of jewellery after launching her own line made from spoons, it seems.

The 16-year-old, of Langsett, sells her range under the label Stirring Silver, as reported in The Star.

Good luck to the youngster. That’s an idea that’s a cut(lery) above.


Terrific news that parkland overlooking Sheffield is to be extended.

The new green space – funded with £1 million of government cash – will stretch from the South Street Amphitheatre down to the Supertram bridge at Park Square roundabout in one direction and up to Stafford Road in the other, as reported in this paper.

Good. Sheffield prides itself on being England’s greenest city. How refreshing that even in these austere times, work is being done to maintain that reputation.