Take Two: Back To The Future for Sheffield?

Pinstone Street as imagined at Sheffield Design Summit
Pinstone Street as imagined at Sheffield Design Summit
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There’s no such thing as new news, this column opined recently. There’s only old news and old ideas repeated.

And, after seeing artist impressions of how a dream 21st century Sheffield might look, it seems at least one reader agrees. This ideal future, noted Susan Richardson, looks a lot like the past.

Some 40 architects, as this page revealed last week, have come up with ideas for a better S1 following the collapse of Hammerson’s Tombstone retail quarter. They included green corridors stretching around the city, open air nightclubs and a boutique arcade created in Pinstone Street’s historic terrace.

“I had to smile at the ‘new idea’ of an arcade in Pinstone Street,” emails Susan. “In the Forties and Fifties we had exactly that in the form of a covered shopping arcade which was situated about where Specsavers shop is now and which ran through to Union Street.

“It was well ahead of its time and consisted of a selection of individual small shops including a jewellers and Barney Goodman’s, the well-known local tailor which occupied a prominent position at one corner.”


Going, going...AE Dowse is now gone.

Sheffield’s legendary auction house, in Scotland Street, has closed for the last time ahead of being merged with Sheffield Auction Gallery this month. But few sales in the firm’s 99 year history can have been stranger than an item in the last sale this weekend: a bronze bust of, er, Hitler. It was bought by a private buyer for £100.

“We’ve not had many 20th century dictators heads down the years,” a spokesman admitted.