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Visitors to a stately home near Sheffield will be treated to a guided tour by the lady of the house herself, then?

Alexandra Sitwell is to personally conduct two walks around historic Renishaw Hall, Renishaw, as revealed in this paper.

What next, one wonders? The Duke of Devonshire to lead people through the nooks and crannies of Chatsworth?

Either way, let’s hope Alexandra – who inherited the pile from her father Sir Reresby in 2009 – is as humorous (if slightly more honest) a host as her late great aunt, Edith Sitwell, may have proved.

“The public will believe anything,” noted the famously acerbic poet, “So long as it is not founded on truth.”


“I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty,” she also once said while living at Renishaw. “But I am too busy thinking about myself.”


And from one wordsmith to another: amateur author Margaret Torrington has self-published a children’s e-book called Dragon’s Den – set around Wharncliffe Crags.

Two local children Kate and Jack, goes the blurb, have “their world turned upside down as they encounter dwarfs, elves, goblins, witches, trolls, and other creatures – not all of them friendly”.

Which makes the novel sound like a terrific read.

But which also makes it sounds come to think of it, not unlike a good night out round Chapeltown.

tUK In

Aston man Stewart Effendi has taken to delivering fruit and veg by tuk-tuk, then?

Tuk in then, everybody.