Take Two: A hero generation

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Family and friends have bid a final farewell to a Sheffield veteran of the Bruneval Raid, as reported in this paper last week.

Sergeant Tom Hill passed away of old age 72 years after taking part in the famous parachute operation which captured German radar installations in France.

A hero without doubt. And not the only Sheffielder to have been in the raid, as it goes.

This page once carried the story of Sergeant Major Gerald Strachan who was awarded the Croix de Guerre for his role.

“He was shot three times and his stomach was hanging out,” son Gerald, of The Manor, told The Diary with matter-of-fact nonchalance. “He was a fighter.” Quite.


And from one former Diary star to another - albeit one who appeared on this page for quite a different reason...

Amber Gamble is the Sheffield beauty queen who has overcome an incurable bowel disease to become a pageant pin up.

Now, after we featured the 22-year-old’s campaign to draw attention to the genetic illness ulcerative colitis, her story has been picked by The Daily Mail.

Great for raising awareness - although, typically, the anonymous keyboard warriors who stalk the paper’s website have had their say too.

“Is that what you call really bad?” rages a chap going by the name Sparksy30 in response to Amber’s tale of hospital woe. “My girlfriend has Crohn’s Disease and she nearly died (and) was in hospital six months. When it gets that bad maybe then you should tell your story to a newspaper to get publicity.”

Blimey. Calm down, fella. Clearly, it’s not just his partner’s bowel that is irritable.