Style always wins over substance for image consultant Jane Fardon

Jane Fardon, of Broomhill, is the founder oif the True Colours Image Consultancy
Jane Fardon, of Broomhill, is the founder oif the True Colours Image Consultancy
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Jane Fardon believes every woman is more beautiful than she thinks. She should know; she is a Master of the International Federation of Image Professionals, an international speaker on style and runs her own image consultancy and make-up brand.

“Being in the image business, people often assume I spend a lot on clothes,” says Jane Fardon of Broomhill, founder of True Colours Image Consultancy. “Actually I think you look more stylish if you don’t dress head to toe in designer and mix high street with boutique ‘one offs’ and even charity shop items,” adds Jane, 48 and mum of three. “It’s all down to how you put it together. When I shop I love finding good design with clean lines, whether it’s in clothes or household objects.”

1. Pink Suede Jacket, £60, Schiphol Airport

I was on my way to speak at a conference in Holland about our image and identity as women, and while I was waiting at the airport I found a little shop selling end-of-line and sample stock clothes at really good prices. A pink suede flying jacket caught my eye and that was it! It was a must have for £60. I might have to see if I can travel via Schiphol Airport again!

2. Voss Water £3.50, Tonsburg, Norway

We went to Norway where our son is working during his gap year. They have this trendy water called Voss, supposedly the best in the world. I loved the design of the glass bottle and brought one home. We fill it with wonderful Sheffield water (in my opinion THE best in the world) and keep it in the fridge, This was our only souvenir as Norway is so expensive.

3. Ipad case, £25, Charisma in Crosspool

I often find my best buys when I’m not actually looking for anything and saw this when I was buying some birthday cards at Charisma, a great local shop that also sells well-priced purses and gifts. I travel a lot for the business and always try to go by train so I can work on the journey. This bag holds all I need. I love it - it’s fun. Not your normal boring briefcase!

4. Tweezerman brow tweezers, £19.50, Boots

I lost my tweezers and felt bereft.! Actually I think they are in one of my teenage girls’ bedrooms, but I’m not venturing in to look for them! My new ones were expensive but there is nothing more frustrating that tweezers that don’t meet properly at the tip. I splashed out and these work really well. They will be kept well-hidden to make sure they stay MINE.