SLIDESHOW: Tramlines pictures are all-bright

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IF you go to Tramlines this weekend and see a woman with a sketch book, make sure you smile: you may be being turned into a work of art.

Jane Horton, an illustrator who specialises in colour-soaked pictures, is planning to draw dozens of revellers enjoying this weekend’s festivities.

Jane Horton

Jane Horton

She wants to capture just what makes this uniquely Sheffield extravaganza so special. And if her previous work is anything to go by, the results will be all-bright indeed.

Jane did something similar though smaller last year - and this is a first peek of the results. Until now, the images had been stored on her iPad. She spent the weekend in the Folk Forest area, in Endcliffe Park, and completed a handful of pieces.

But, this year she’s set to do even more at a variety of different venues.

“I just enjoy sketching people and Tramlines is a fantastic place to do that,” says the 57-year-old of Nether Edge. “I love the variety of humanity so I’m always looking for someone wearing something different, big, small, fat, thin, you name it.”

Each sketch takes only 15 or so minutes to complete and colour (“I don’t think it’s that fast” she notes); and, after she’s done, she’ll sometimes take it over for the subject to have a look.

“Not always but sometimes I do that,” says Jane, a curriculum director with the Open College Of The Arts in Barnsley by day. “It’s mainly if I think someone has seen me and is aware I might be drawing them. What’s the reaction like? Generally really positive.”

And it wouldn’t be the first project that’s been something of a success for Jane.

She previously completed a series - featured in The Diary last year - capturing some of Sheffield’s best-loved buildings in psychedelic colours. They sold well as far south as Harrow in Essex and even John Challis, the actor who played Boycie in Only Fools And Horses, tweeted to say: “My dad was from Sheffield. He’d have loved to see his old grey city brightened up.”

Praise doesn’t come much more mar-lene!-vellous than that.

Now Jane is hoping she can show Tramlines 2014 in all its technicolour brilliance too. Results will be placed online with an exhibition to follow later in the year.

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