SLIDESHOW - Retro: School’s out for the summer!

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PACK up your pencil cases, kids - schools out for summer!

The six week holiday started last week - you can tell because there’s less traffic on the roads, more teenagers wandering about the city and WH Smith has started its annual back to school sale.

And for those still be in full time education, that means a month and half of long hazy days of playing out, playing in and perhaps just occasionally complaining about being bored.

So, to celebrate the best time of year to be young (it knocks Christmas into a cocked hat, doesn’t it?) Tuesday Retro today delves into The Star’s archives to bring these pictures of kids enjoying the sun in years gone. Ehh, young people didn’t stay home playing on the Facebook all day back then.

“There was too much to do to be stuck inside,” says Ron Clayton, Sheffield historian and resident of the city for all his 61-year life. “Besides your mam wouldn’t want you under her feet all the day.

“Back then the summer stretched ahead of you and it always seemed to be sunny. Families would have a week in Cleethorpes or Skegness during works week; and then the rest of the summer would be all about playing out with your friends.

“Enjoying the parks, playing marbles in the streets, collecting frogspawn from the rivers. It was idyllic. Playing cricket with one pad because you couldn’t afford two, jumpers for goalposts, drinking Tizer then taking the bottle back to the newsagent to get a couple of coins in return.

“The Lord Mayor’s Parade would be a big event you’d look forward to it. And if you were older, you might travel to other parks and other areas to meet girls from other parts of the city, maybe have a bit of bother with rival lads.

“You might buy your loved one a drink from the Carousel Bar, which was next to Millhouses Park. Read your comics on grassy bankings. Walk around the city looking at all the things you couldn’t buy, never believing it would be over.”

But, of course, soon it would be.

“Eventually, the shadows would lengthen and the air would get cooler as September came and then school would rear its head. But you always knew there’d be another summer around the corner.”