Shopping is a Swede hobby for Kozi Kidz boss

Linda Torstensson, of Kozi Kidz, Tickhill. Picture: Andrew Roe
Linda Torstensson, of Kozi Kidz, Tickhill. Picture: Andrew Roe
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What has you reaching for your purse? We want to know! Mum of three Linda Kennedy Torstensson, who runs her own children’s outdoor clothing company Kozi Kidz with her Swedish husband Tomas, talks shopping...

“I’m an online shopper because it saves me time and gives me more choice, But I do love exploring local shops and wandering around Meadowhall when I get the chance,” says Linda, 51, a mum of three from Tickhill who launched worldwide brand Kozi Kids in 2009 after a high-flying marketing career with Guinness, IBM and Universal Studios. “My excuse is I need to keep abreast of trends for the business.”

She also shops on trips back to Sweden, the country that inspired Kozi Kidz.

1. Child’s boots, £75, Sweden

My daughter is at an age where she is growing quite quickly. When we headed to Sweden for the weekend recently we suddenly realised she had very few footwear options. On a quick trip to the shops in Varberg on the west coast and we found a pair by Rieker which fitted the bill - they are fully-lined so cosy and waterproof, and to her great delight were in the women’s section!

2. Lenovo IdeaPad, £500, Amazon

Much as I was very tempted by the new touch-screen tablets on the market, I needed a new laptop with a big enough screen to make spreadsheets easy to work on. So it was a normal-sized, “old fashioned” laptop I went for. An Apple user otherwise, I am pretty impressed with Windows 8 and am getting to grips with using it - and all the other wonderful things on this brand new PC.

3. Swedish food, £80, Swedish supermarket

Having lived in Sweden for 10 years, whenever we visit there we make a beeline for the ICA Kvantum supermarket to stock up on our favourite things. Key items we snap up are coffee, dark bread, lever pastej (a type of paté) and Marabou chocolate. We usually buy herrings too, but not this time. Much of it gets eaten as soon as we get back to South Yorkshire.

4. Tennis balls, £3, SIT dog training

A regular feature on my shopping list are tennis balls. I’m not nursing a Wimbledon dream; they’re for our retriever Sigge. He loves them! Kong Air tennis balls are great, as they squeak, which holds his attention. But they don’t last long once he starts chewing! I buy them at his agility training school in Misterton and always keep one in my dog-walking coat.