Sheffield's latest 'chosen few' listed buildings

Sheffield's newly-listed Grade II buildings, and three new Grade II*:

1 Sellers Wheel, 151 Arundel Street

2 Butchers Wheel, Arundel Street – Grade II*

3 Challenge Works, 94 Arundel Street

4 Murray Building, Boston Street

5 Sterling Works, 94 Arundel Street

6 Wardonia Works Clough Road/Countess Rd

7 Horn Handle Works, Broom Close/ 57-59 Club Garden Walk

8 Cornish Works, Cornish Street

9 Kenilworth Works, Denby Street

10 Don Cutlery Works, Doncaster St

11 48 Garden Street

12 Former Russell Works (now part of Kelham Island Industrial Museum)

13 Kingston Works, Malinda Street

14 104 Mary Street

15 106-110 Mary Street

16 Beehive Works, Milton Street - Grade II*

17 Taylors EyeWitness Works, Milton St

18 Globe Works, Milton Street - Grade II*

19 Brown-Firth Laboratories (now English Pewter Co, BlackmoreSt/Princess St)

20 Portland Works, Randell Street

21 Gibson Works, St Mary Rd/Mary St

22 Aberdeen Works, Trafalgar Street

23 Insignia Works, Rutland Road

- South Yorkshire has:

62 Grade I buildings

162 Grade II* buildings

2,915 Grade II buildings

21 Registered parks and gardens

156 Scheduled Ancient Monuments

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