Shakey experience

CITY psychic entertainer Paul Bell, left, will be spoiled for choice which spirit to tune into when he holds a seance on Saturday.

He's holding it in a building which claims 45 live-in ghosts.

Paul, from Crosspool, is at the Falstaff Experience at Stratford upon Avon, a Tudor pile said to have once been a tavern run by a chap old Shakey based his character Sir John Falstaff on.

"The last time I was there we had an incredible night. People heard voices, some felt hands on their shoulders and one man was pushed so hard he nearly fell over," says Paul.

The Diary urges him to beware. As the Bard said: "This supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good."

Photos are not to be Spurned

LOCAL photographer Adrian Wynn, who ran the London Road Gallery until last year, has brought out a new book of evocative photographs featuring Spurn Head.

It's available from the Old Sweet Shop, Nether Edge, and direct from his website ( for 14.99 post free.

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