Rudolph not required as Mellors install sleigh with style

Corin Mellor's 1966 Porsche
Corin Mellor's 1966 Porsche
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NOW, here’s a Santa’s sleigh with a difference this December...

The David Mellor Design visitor centre in Hathersage has overlooked the traditional ride of Father Christmas and instead installed something with a little more style for the festive season - a 1966 viper green Porsche.

Who needs Rudolph when you have that horsepower?

The beauty belongs to David’s son (and successor) Corin Mellor.

The 47-year-old thought that it would make a nicer seasonal bauble than the usual fake sleigh.

And there’s already been plenty of visitors promising to be good if only Santa leaves them one of the same.

“We always like to do things differently here,” says James Lawless, spokesman for the centre which displays some of the family’s best designs. “This year Corin thought, instead of a sleigh, the car would make an interesting talking point.

“It’s already getting loads of attention. The guys in particular love it.”