Plans to get estate clean

AN early spring clean starts today in parts of Intake, Doncaster, when the multi agency Neighbourhood Alliance project gets underway.

St Leger Homes, the firm which manages around 21,000 homes for Doncaster Council, is starting a clear up as of the Neighbourhood Alliance scheme, involving St Leger Homes, the police, Doncaster Council, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, and Doncaster NHS and others.

They will be there for three-weeks tackling issues and concerns until February 4.

St Leger Homes will have a rolling wagon – a lorry slowly moving around the streets collecting rubbish – travelling around Wolsey Avenue, Warren Close, Essex Avenue, Runnymede Road and Tudor Road on Wednesday.

It will be around Sidney Road, Fairfax Road, Cumberland Avenue, Devonshire Road and Argyll Avenue on Wednesday, January 26.

A third collection will be on February 2 when the rolling wagon will go to Crecy Avenue, Wiltshire Road, Cromer Road and Evelyn Avenue.

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