Memories of Smash-ing volleyball

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Floaters, flippers, dumpers and jumpers are - along with the quartet above - just a range of the shots a player might pull off at any time. And you thought it was just knocking a beach ball over a net.

Not so. This is serious stuff and this region’s premier men’s team, the City of Sheffield VC, have just been crowned champions of England.

Now, Tuesday Retro today continues our A-Z of hobbies and activities enjoyed in the region with V is for Volleyball.

“It’s a terrific sport,” says Gerry McArdle, secretary of the City of Sheffield club which is based at All Saints School in Norfolk Park Road. “It’s a game that everyone can enjoy.

“It’s easy to learn the basics and requires very little equipment and is, therefore, inexpensive to participate in. You’re also guaranteed to get plenty of touches of the ball, which I think is a big plus.”

The game itself is said to have first been played in Massachusetts in 1895 after a PE teacher combined handball, tennis and basketball; and it’s had a presence in Sheffield - mainly played by teams from the universities - since at least the Sixties. The City of Sheffield club itself, which has more than 60 members and runs weekly recreational sessions attended by 30-40 people, was founded in 1989. A mini city league runs one day a month from September for self-organised teams.

“It’s great exercise and a very social sport actually,” says 58-year-old Gerry, who was one of the original founders of the Sheffield club. “It’s actually very addictive - once people play they tend to get hooked.”

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