Medics' award in torture case

A TEAM of helicopter medics who helped save the life of one of the boys badly injured in last year's Edlington torture case are to be officially commended next week.

Members of the air ambulance crew who were first on the scene have spoken about that day in April 2009 for the first time.

The older boy was found unconscious and half-dressed in a wooded ravine near Edlington Brickponds after a sadistic attack by two brothers, aged 10 and 11.

Medics with Derbyshire Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance were sent after an emergency radio message from South Yorkshire Police and Dr Pamela Hardy, a consultant in emergency medicine, said the boy was "pretty close" to dying.

She was on board the flight along with pilot Ian Welsh, flight paramedic team leader Dylan Griffin and flight paramedic Dave Roberts when South Yorkshire Police radioed for them to attend.

Dr Hardy said: "He was barely conscious, covered in blood and mud and not responding to us. He was very cold."

The medics anaesthetised the youngster and put him on life support before he was flown to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

The crew said their job was made much more difficult because of the surroundings of the remote and steep ravine.

Dr Hardy said: "We were having to physically hold on to each other and pull and tug to get across and carry the child horizontally on a board back up the bank.

"I think it will always be for a lot of people something they never forget, but we are just so delighted to hear the boys have made such a good recovery."

Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes said: "By working together with our partner organisations we are able to provide the level of service that the public expects and deserves. Police officers are best placed to see the ongoing work of our partners and so are able to recognise truly outstanding work when they see it."

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