Matt uses the force on city sci-fi work

AT-AT Walkers attack Sheffield City Hall - Shef Wars by Matt Cockayne
AT-AT Walkers attack Sheffield City Hall - Shef Wars by Matt Cockayne
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A long time ago in a Sheffield street not that far away... These stunning pictures by Mosborough artist Matt Cockayne show how the Steel City might have looked if Star Wars had taken place here.

They include AT-AT Walkers attacking Barker’s Pool, Luke Skywalker racing down Eyre Street and Storm Troopers emerging from Park Hill.

In another the action is moved to Chesterfield with a Death Star shimmering menacingly in the night sky behind the Town Hall. And the force, it seems, is with the young Jedi responsible.

Matt’s collection has so impressed bosses at Sheffield’s movie mecca The Showroom Cinema, he has been asked to exhibit there. “I guess I did them because I’m a Star Wars geek and proud of where I’m from,” says the 29-year-old graphic designer.

“They’re getting loads of interest. Turns out there’s a lot of Star Wars geeks in South Yorkshire.”

Matt boldly went where no-one had been before (wrong film but you know what we mean) because he wanted something for his walls.

“I looked for some art but there was nothing I fancied,” remembers the father-of-one who currently lives in Old Whittington, Chesterfield. “So I made my own.”

He took a photo of City Hall, got some images from his favourite trilogy, and used his laptop to create the life-like pictures. Then a friend saw it, asked Matt to make him one, and he’s not looked back since. After he put them online, several strangers also got in touch to ask for copies.

“It’s mainly boys,” admits Matt. “One of the things I’ve got used to hearing is ‘Well, I love it but...I’m not sure what the girlfriend will think’.”

Now, after turning the idea into a series, he’s preparing for that exhibition - at The Showroom in Paternoster Row through January.

“My favourite Star Wars character is Jabba The Hut,” he says. “So for the exhibition I’m going to do a picture which imagines The Showroom as his palace.”

In the mean time some of his none-Star Wars stuff is currently brightening the walls of the University Arms pub in Brook Hill.

Matt’s work can now be viewed and bought at Bird’s Yard shopping complex in Chapel Walk or online at