Marmite book you'll either love or hate

WHAT links a Sheffield-born illustrator with an ex-pat Yorkshire journalist in America?

Here's a clue. It's in a curvy little black jar.

They say you either love or hate Marmite so you may do the same with The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite (on Amazon at 9.50) compiled by Maggie Hall in Washington, USA, a former reporter in Doncaster, and illustrated by former Wisewood Secondary Modern schoolboy Dave Jeffery, now living in Whitby.

The two of them met when Dave, now 65, was running The Forge gallery at Robin's Hood Bay and discovered a shared love of Marmite.

"We did a book signing recently and it was interesting to see the passion people have for Marmite," says Dave, who designed Def Leppard's first album cover.

According to a recent survey, there's a heavy concentration of Marmite lovers in the north, particularly Sheffield.

The book is an A-Z of stories, which may or not be true, of the tar in a jar – the astronaut who took it into space, the website selling nothing but Marmite, Marmite truffles and the American woman living in Sheffield who came up with the Marmite Theory of Migratory Evolution.

Apparently only two things get returned to their rival place in the kitchen, the dog bowl and Marmite jar.

The Diary is waiting for Marmite – the Henderson's flavour!

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