Marathon man Joseph turns net superstar

HE'S big in Japan.

That's former University of Sheffield student Joseph Tame who has become something of a digital superstar in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Joseph who graduated with a BA in Japanese Studies in 2008 is currently living and working in Tokyo.

His philosophy: When in Rome do what the Romans do.

So, along with hundreds of thousands Japanese people, Joseph applied to run the Tokyo Marathon a race so popular it's long odds to secure a place let alone finish.

Publisher Joseph, 32, got in and an army of fans followed his every step.

He said: "Running is incredibly popular in Japan, and marathons are hugely oversubscribed so I decided to share the experience via a live video for the 200,000 people who applied but didn't get in."

Carrying three iPhones, three large batteries and a wifi router, he broadcast a live video with commentary from start to finish.

Said Jospeh: "By the end of the marathon over 13,000 people had tuned in.

"One of my iPhones was automatically reading Twitter tweets to me - we had over 1,000 messages an hour coming in from all over the world, to which I responded via video."

Joseph also had eight friends with iPhones all along the route, broadcasting live video from the spectators' perspective.

He hired a hotel room from where two anchor men ensured everything ran smoothly.

"The event captured the imagination of the Japanese people and the Japanese media- we made national TV, national radio and Yahoo news.

"It was an incredibly humbling experience, and I believe that future marathons will see more of this kind of citizen reporting.

"The most comment feedback we got was "this is so much better than TV coverage, we feel like we're running too."

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