Lesley is cruising to her 50th in fine style

Lesley McNeill of Airmaster talks about shopping habits
Lesley McNeill of Airmaster talks about shopping habits
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What gets you reaching for your purse? The big 5-0 has sent Lesley McNeill on a big spending spree... She’s booked a luxury cruise so she can celebrate her milestone birthday on the high seas.

Lesley Mc Neill is a busy bee.... As office manager and internal auditor at Swallownest-based air-conditioning firm Airmaster, she juggles tasks and responsibilities all day long.

“As a result, my shopping tends to be done online,” she says. “However, I enjoy a stroll around the city centre and The Moor. Shopping centres are not for me. I like to get out in the fresh air.” Recent purchases have been for that birthday treat - one that will give her plenty of fresh air.

1. Cruise Tickets, £1,700, Co-op Travel, Meadowhall

My 40th birthday drifted by, I wanted to celebrate my 50th in style and a friend who loves cruising persuaded me to give it a try. So on February 7 I will be celebrating at sea with a champagne balcony breakfast, a trip to the ship’s spa and a spot of relaxing by the pool, cocktail in hand, before dinner and a show. I booked in August 2012 to secure the cabin I wanted!

2. Speedo Swimsuit, £20, www.Speedo.co.uk

Last year I embarked on a get healthy and fit programme. I joined WeightWatchers and so far I’ve lost 23lbs and I’ve also been doing aqua aerobics and swimming five times a week. I needed endurance swimwear that chlorine wouldn’t ruin. I had discovered ordinary swimsuits that are not chlorine-resistant soon wear out. This one is so much better quality.

3. Handbag, £40, www.handpickedcollection.com

I’ve bought quite a few new clothes and accessories for my upcoming holiday and one of my favourites is a cream bag that will go with most of my outfits, day or night. It’s made from recycled leather, which attracted me greatly, as I promote recycling in the office and I recycle at home too. The fact that it was reduced from £60 also appealed!

4. Salt spreader, £50, www.key.co.uk

This is a very unglamorous purchase - but one that everyone at Airmaster will thank me for if the weather turns. It means we will be able to make our office car park safe much more easily if the snow arrives. Previously the guys in the office have had to spread the bags of salt using spades - which was hard work. I thought I’d treat them to a tool fit for the job.