Last week’s dish, tried and tasted

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Danielle Barbereau put last week’s berry soufflé recipe, supplied by insolvency manager Nicola Savage, to the test:

“I really enjoyed making Nicola’s soufflé. I was daunted by the thought - I have never made one before and always thought that it would be very difficult - that there was a real art to it,” says Danielle.

“But actually, it was really easy to do. I followed Nicola’s instructions very closely and the dessert turned out perfectly, even though I decided to make a large version in just one dish, rather than separate desserts in small ramekins.

“I used some frozen mixed berries I had in the freezer rather than the strawberries Nicola had used, so the colour of the soufflé ended up being a soft purple; it looked gorgeous and quite elegant, I though. I will use this recipe again because I always prefer serving light, fruity desserts at the end of a meal, rather than heavy puddings.”