Kieron was among 30 people who were arrested on The Arctic Sunrise: A romantic ending

Nancy Thornburn and Kieron Bryan. PICTURE GREENPEACE.
Nancy Thornburn and Kieron Bryan. PICTURE GREENPEACE.
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While he was locked in a Russian prison, former Sheffield University student Kieron Bryan wrote to girlfriend Nancy Thornburn every day.

Then, within an hour of them being reunited after he was released, he proposed.

“She came to visit me in Saint Petersburg a few days after I got bail,” he said shortly after. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to propose at that point. I’d thought about it a lot while I was in prison. It puts things into perspective when you’re in those conditions.

“When she arrived I wasn’t sure if I’d do it because there was a lot to talk about, but within five or 10 minutes we were so happy to be together that it just felt like the perfect time – so I proposed within an hour of her arriving in Saint Petersburg.”