Hey presto! 100 days of magic in Sheffield

Magician Gaz Neale
Magician Gaz Neale
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Guys always assume illusionist Wiz Spencer gets plenty of female attention, writes Colin Drury.

“They see you do a trick and that’s their first reaction – ‘I bet you get so many women’,” he says. “I don’t. I pull string out my eyeball for one trick. I’m not sure girls looks at that and think sexy.”

Magician Wiz Spencer shows off his skills

Magician Wiz Spencer shows off his skills

Along the same lines, his routine of swallowing razor blades and then pulling them from his throat with dental floss (best not try it at home) doesn’t appear to have any aphrodisiac qualities either.

Still, female admirers or not, Wiz – real name Lewis – is one of a quartet of magicians you may have seen around Sheffield over the last eight weeks.

He, along with pals Gaz Neale, Alan Prior and Zack Washere (actually Nathan Lindley), are in the middle of performing 100 tricks over 100 days to people in different city locations. They film the three-minute stunts – which include everything from traditional coin and card illusions to seriously freaky mind reading – and put each new one on their own YouTube channel.

And, after 56 days, the tricks are proving a treat. Their skits have received thousands of views, while Sheffielders seeing them live have been left stunned.

Magicians Gaz Neale, Alan Prior, Zak Washere and Wiz Spencer

Magicians Gaz Neale, Alan Prior, Zak Washere and Wiz Spencer

YOUTUBE: Join Aldymo, Gaz, Wiz and Zack for 100 days of awesome magic. Dont forget to subscribe to everyone and check out all the channels for the #100daysofmagic videos - CLICK HERE.

“The way people react is one of the best things about the footage,” says Wiz today, while performing in the Winter Garden. “You see their faces change from curiosity to amazement.”

The quartet – who are in their mid 20s and from Chesterfield, Clowne and Conisbrough – came up with the project after being made aware of #100daysofhappy on Facebook. There people post one image, quote or tale that makes them happy every day for 100 days.

“Magic makes us happy,” explains Wiz, an illusionist by trade. “So we decided to do 100 days of that. It’s not been easy but we manage.”

They’ve filmed their performances everywhere from The Moor to Fargate, the Peace Gardens to Devonshire Green – plus city bars.

“People always seem more open to an illusion while having a drink,” notes IT worker Gaz.

And the four – whose other day jobs are metal worker (Zack) and full-time dad (Alan) – plan to keep going after their century.

Then they’ll do 15-minute weekly episodes with bigger tricks.

“We’re planning one where I escape from being tied to a chair and surrounded by fire,” says Wiz.

If that doesn’t result in a few admirers, nothing will.