Heel we go to take the strain off shopping

tired feet
tired feet
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We men can only look on in admiration...

We’re flat out after an hour or two’s forced march around Meadowhall, sore feet, aching backs and some serious jip in the wallet area.

But the ladies forge ahead like stormtroopers in stilletoes, pushing on to the next target, always window-shopping, comparing prices, moving forward relentlessly.

Eventually even the most diehard of shoppers gets tired – especially in high heels.

Now Meadowhall have got it covered.

Their PR department is offering free ‘trendy ballet flats’ from the customer service desk to female shoppers to shop in.

Mark Bruce, retail director from Meadowhall, said “The centre welcomes over 25 million shoppers each year and we are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers have the very best shopping experience possible. With feedback forever pointing to high heels as an issue among our female contingent we felt this was a good opportunity to do something that would really make a difference.” The service will be trialled during Customer Service Week, which runs until Sunday.

Call me selfish but what about us blokes?

Do we get offered a pair of old carpet slippers to shuffle round in?

Or a pair of nicely beaten-up trainers?

No we don’t, but as one heel-wearing female colleague pointed out, we’re probably already wearing them anyway.