Healthy Living: ‘Intelligent shoes’ get patients back on feet

Bob Barwell
Bob Barwell
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This exercise works on the legs, bum and core, as well as improving agility.

Picture: Start in a plank position, shoulders directly over your hands, with the back straight.

Bring one knee into the chest, then straighten it out as you bring the opposite knee in.

Do this rapidly, keeping the hips and bottom low to ensure that the core muscles engage.

Repeat for three sets of around 30 seconds to start, have a 45 second rest in between then attack the next set.

To add another dimension you can perform this exercise on a slippery floor using towels under the feet.

Follow exactly the same technique -but apply more control so your legs don’t slide too far.

Tip of the week

Q: I’m a keen squash player and regularly play after work. It requires good speed and co-ordination - what exercises can I do to improve my agility?

A: Agility ladders are perfect for mimicking the steps taken in a game of squash, so practising lots of different footwork drills is perfect training.

If you don’t have access to agility ladders, you can always use tape on the floor.

Run with a variety of steps. You could practise speed and sprint drills, changing direction, try setting up some cones and sprint to them in a different order each time.

And of course, continue to work your core muscles - these central muscles really do stabilise the body and help us to elongate our endurance. A weak core will always slow you down.