HEALTHY LIVING: Hospital ward nets cool boost

A FORMER patient of Chesterfield Royal Hospital - who needed treatment when he contracted pneumonia and his temperature rocketed above 40 degrees - has said thank you for the care he received with a cash donation of nearly £700.

Harry Johnson wanted to give something back for his "incredible" treatment and decided to use some of the cash to buy 34 new fans for the new ward where he was an in-patient because of the problems he had experienced with his temperature while he was there.

The cash raised by the Chesterfield and Mansfield Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) - who member Harry approached with a fundraising request - has also been used to buy two salon quality hairdryers and 10 shaving mirrors, with 200 left over.

The remaining cash is being spent on leaflets informing patients about the inflammatory bowel disease nurse specialist and more items for the Ridgeway ward.

Harry, who along with fellow members, volunteers and friends raised the impressive total in just two weeks, said: "The ward and staff there were incredible.

"They took such good care of me but, because of my temperature, what was really missing was a fan or something to keep me cool.

"They told me that some of the smaller items had been missed off the list when furnishing the bays, and that some of the charitable funds could be used to buy things like fans and that's where the idea behind this donation came from."

Sally Foster, matron on Ridgeway, said: "We're very grateful to Mr Johnson and the Buffaloes.

"It's great to see that he's recovered so well and hear the nice things he's said about the care he received here on Ridgeway.

"Because this is a new ward, we have lots of brand new, state-of-the-art equipment but we're still in the process of making improvements and need some of the smaller things that make a difference to patient comfort.

"We use charitable funds to buy things like that and Mr Johnson has also pledged to buy us some flower vases and shaver plugs. It's such a kind thing he's done and we would like to say 'thank you'."

The RAOB has also handed over a donation of 12 vases and 24 shaving adapters from Tesco in Clay Cross.Major honour joy for cancer worker

A SHEFFIELD University graduate who has led the NHS in developing screening programmes for cancer is among a group who have received honorary degrees from the establishment.

Professor Julietta Patnick CBE is Director of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes, and her career has been dedicated to developing and leading the nation's approach to the care and detection of cancer.

She is now is being made a Doctor of Medicine - an honour which follows her degree in ancient history and classical civilisation from the university.

Prof Patnick joined the NHS in 1979 and has overseen the implementation and continuation of comprehensive standards for screening of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer.

The honorary degree follows a CBE in 2005 for her services to the NHS and being made a Visiting Professor in Cancer Screening at the University of Oxford in 2008. She is also a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health.

The ceremonies, which took place in the University's Octagon Centre, welcomed more than 1,800 graduating students from a variety of departments.

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