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HAVE you ever wondered who keeps an eye on your health whilst you’re eyeing up the menu at a local restaurant? Ensuring what you eat is not only well-prepared but meets hygiene standards is the job of Michael Bluff from Sheffield City Council’s Environment and Regulatory Services team.

Michael and his team help to keep people safe when they eat out in Sheffield by making good food hygiene easier to spot. The recent launch of a new nationwide food hygiene initiative and website builds on the success of Sheffield City Council’s Scores on the Doors scheme where Sheffield food outlets are inspected and then encouraged to display their food hygiene ratings.

The new scheme will see food outlets, such as restaurants, takeaways and pubs, inspected by food safety officers from Sheffield City Council to check hygiene standards. Standards are then rated on a scale ranging from zero which means ‘urgent improvement necessary’ to a top rating of five. The business is given a certificate and food hygiene rating sticker to display and the ratings are entered into the website

Over one million people every year experience food poisoning across the UK. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) working in partnership with Sheffield City Council are working to reduce poor food hygiene in the city by encouraging residents to be aware of the rating system and asking businesses to promote good food hygiene.

Speaking about the scheme Coun Jack Scott, who is Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene, said: “Here at Sheffield City Council we have built on the success of the Scores on the Doors scheme working in partnership with the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. Having a consistent nationwide scheme means the rating will have the same significance wherever people are purchasing food in the UK.